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  1. ​Catskill Wildflower Honey Mead

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2016 Queens

Disappointing: Total loss for this season, both hives died. One really weak, one really strong - was it the move from Pine Hill to Rensselaerville? Contemplating next steps...

  1. newBee: This was a weak hive going into the winter. Upon a spring 2016 investigation - it appears as though all bees abandoned the hive in the late fall. Not a single bee found in the hive, empty frames with none of the winter honey stores intact. CCD?
  2. hester prynne v2.0: This was a much stronger hive, with plenty of honey. Spring 2016 investigation: none of the winter stores of honey touched - all bees dead in a cluster.

2015 Queens

  1. queen x: Perishes! After a stupendous run - all gone.
  2. hester prynne v2.0: Yields 4 supers of honey! 2015 Wildflower Meade currently fermenting. Ready for consumption Christmas 2016.
  3. Armand: DOA coming in to the Spring 2015 season. Not much to say here.

2014 Queens

  1. queen x: made it through the awful winter and had a bang-up 2014 Spring-Summer season. 100+ lbs of honey taken. Six gallons of Meade Fermenting!!! Ready for consumption Winter 2015-2016.
  2. hester prynne v2.0: made it though the winter as well - albeit clinging to life; Very slow start; crawled through the 2014 Spring - Summer season; no honey taken.
  3. newBee: bee arthur perished in the hard, long harsh 2014 winter; Essentially starved to death; replace by a new box of bees; queen newBee in charge; slow crawl through the Spring-Summer seaon; no honey taken.
  4. armand: brand new hive added to the mix; deployed queen armand via conventional methods; good Spring flow!! got beautiful comb honey;
  5. white hive: brand new hive added to the apirary; queen white hive deployed via conventional methonds; weak start; hive goes queenless at some point; draper's green queen added and frames taken from queen x to help build back up. green queen gets killed by virgin queen that white hive was raising; white hive finishes strong; no honey taken.

2013 Queens

  1. bee arthur: deployed in april via unconventional methods, appears to be the only original queen; no honey taken.
  2. madge: deployed in april via unconventional methods, killed by eunice in a duel, replaced shortly thereafter by hester prynne (conventionally deployed) who was then superceeded by hester prynne v2.0 in september; no honey taken. ​
  3. eunice: deployed in april, also via unconventional methods - subsequently fled, returned to madge's hive the following day where both perished in a duel. remaining subjects divided among bee arthur and hester prynne, 4 frames taken from a donor hive and a new, conventionally deployed queenX set up shop in eunice's box; 2.5 gallons of honey yielded.


the original queens and their tumultuous reigns